Communication and knowledge transfer
Prospekt has ample experience in communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer projects related to sustainable development. The activities of Prospekt Sustainability in this area can range from authoring articles to the development and execution of a sound, goal directed communication strategy for your organisation or project.

Prospekt offers:
- Targeted communication advice
- Analysis of target groups and stakeholders
- Development and implementation of communication plans
- Development and implementation of knowledge transfer strategies
- Development and implementation of stakeholder involvement strategies
- Authoring, editing and production of publications (e.g. newsletters, background articles, brochures)
- Development and content management of websites
- Organisation of workshops, conferences and other events

Prospekt has:
- Ample experience with the development and implementation of communication strategies, including target group and stakeholder analyses
- Ability to write quality publications that are well aligned with the target group
- Contacts with talented designers and builders of websites
- Experience with the preparation, co-ordination, and practical organisation of workshops, conferences and other events