European policies, programmes and instruments

Prospekt has a sound knowledge of the European Commissionís environment, sustainable development and research policies and of the programmes and instruments that are brought into action in relation to these policies. Prospekt has ample experience in EU projects, throughout their life span, from the development of ideas, partner search / consortium building, authoring and submitting proposals to the co-ordination of projects and reporting progress and results.

Prospekt offers:
- Development of project ideas
- Review of EU and national financing possibilities
- Partner search and consortium building
- Making sure eligibility criteria / administrative requirements are met
- Authoring and submitting proposals and tenders
- Project management and co-ordination of the work
- Authoring and submitting reports on the content, progress and resource planning of the project

Prospekt has:
- a thorough knowledge of the possibilities EU and national programmes offer (e.g. the 6th Framework Programme, LIFE, Intelligent Energy for Europe)
- ample experience in submitting project proposals and the negotiation process with the European Commission
- ample experience in project management and daily co-ordination of complex projects, carried out by international consortia
- experience in finding (the right) partners and building international project consortia